A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Originally made for a game jam, I've decided to develop this further and turn it into a mobile game. Follow me on twitter to keep up with development.


You control a drone using arrow keys. Blue and green platforms are safe to land on but to complete the level you must land your drone on the green platform. When a platform turns red it indicates that your approach velocity to it is too fast, if you land at this speed you'll crash and fail the level. The orange warning light in the bottom right also indicates that your approach to the target (green) platform is too fast.

Other ways you can fail the level are:

- Any red border or wall will kill you if you make contact.
- Touching a platform with any part of your drone other than the bottom.
- Colliding with another drone.

For more information about the game, see www.programmingpixels.com/drone-pilot-lowrezjam-2019.html


v3_drone pilot.zip 14 MB
v3_drone pilot.tar.gz 22 MB

Install instructions

Run the game by downloading and unpacking the zip/ tar depending on your platform.

On windows you should only need to run main.exe

On linux you may need to make the main.sh file executable which can be done by running the following command in the terminal:

- chmod +x main

Then run main.sh


If the game runs incorrectly at full screen you can run it in window mode by running the main exe/sh from the command line and adding the word window afterwards.


C:\Downloads\drone pilot> main.exe window

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